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Fun surfing lessons (all year round)

MALIBU is a nice place to start surfing.
Marip Point's surfing lessons have a 100% take-off (standing and riding) rate.
We guarantee you a fun surfing experience as we choose the port according to your needs.
*Available for elementary school students and above. (Please refrain from allowing children under elementary school age to use this service.)
*When surfing, it is difficult to take photos, but we will do our best to take photos.


[Basic process]
Changing clothes and moving ⇒ Learning surfing techniques on land ⇒ Practicing at sea ⇒ Returning to land and changing clothes

[Price details]
Instruction, rental (board, leash), insurance, parking, shower

[START] 10:00~, 14:00~

Fun time: 120 minutes Adults ¥6,900 Children ¥6,050

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